197. (S4) Nico Wellemans (BGA N2xU) Belgium Champion 2024 (ENG)

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197. (S4) Nico Wellemans (BGA N2xU) Belgium Champion 2024 (ENG)

Nico Wellemans once again. The captain of the Belgian national team is back on Meeple Podcast, but this time as the Live Winner of the Belgian National Championship of Carcassonne 2024. He will be taking part in the World Cup in Germany next October, and he will also give us his opinion on the website all eyes are on: carcassonne.gg

Erratum: the website of Carcassonne Ukraine is https://carcassonne.com.ua/

The one I mentioned in the podcast as www.carcassonne.gg is the website of the Carcassonne Champions League, which now gathers more content around Carcassonne internationally and is maintained by Sergey Zakharenko (Ukrainian player). But it is not the Ukrainian community’s own website.

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