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Meeple Letter N.20

Only one reason for reaching its English version: your loyalty to Meeple Podcast and Carcassonne Connection Blog. Thanks!


Novelties of this newsletter number 20:


  • Welcome from 'Meeple Letter' to English-speakers
  • Carcassonne World Championship 2023 (blog)
  • Interview with Matt Tucker: W.C. 2023 (podcast)
  • Next posts:
    1. Cordoba's Games Festival 2023 (blog)
    2. Chapter 162 of Meeple Podcast:
      • Mini-interview with Kenya Bugarin (Devir)
      • Presentation of "A world of games" (book)
  • ETCOC 2023 is coming
  • Carcassonne Spain online League (4th edition)
  • Meeple Podcast "Expansions Tournament" is running
  • New "Meeple Podcast" tournament for January 2024
Welcome to English-speakers

I know to merge these two flags is not representative of all English speakers. In fact, American's and British's people don't like very much to join them. But it's my way to saying thank you to the people who listen to the podcast from UK, USA and other countries where English is used everyday.


I supose that you didn't know where the starting of Halloween took place. At the beginning of the times, the north of Spain (Galicia and Basque Country) were the geographic scene of the first tradition of "Akelarres and Meigas" (witches meetings). Many years after, it was exported to the Anglo-Saxon world and later, it came back with another version of it and a new name: Halloween.


I use this special date for marking two separated paths: English and Spanish 'Meeple Letter'.

Carcassonne World Championship 2023

The most repeated answer on Meeple Podcast was "I want to meet the Carcassonne Community: the players whom I join for games on Board Game Arena".


So important are the people around the game, that I now remember everyone who believe that online platforms are cold and impersonal. The true is that all the participants in Herne wanted to know each other thanks to this previous encounter on BGA.


You can read below (clic the button) the post from the "Carcassonne Connection Blog" with photos (from the Community), final rankings, BGA nicknames, links to their interviews on Meeple Podcast, etc.

Herne 2023
Matt Tucker: World Champion

On the right: Mat Tucker (BGA statmatt), the new Carcassonne World Champion 2023 from UK.


On the left: Edouard Dupas (BGA linkarsonne), another guest of Meeple Podcast.


Matt reached one of his dreams: to become the first in the World in one of his favourite boardgames.


That night everyone in Herne went out for enjoying together with that new relationship among all the contestants and their companions that Saturday 7th October.


You can listen to Matt's new interview on Meeple Podcast. Always on Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, Patreon, Podimo, iVoox, Deezer,, my website ( and Meeple Podcast's episodes Channel on Telegram ( Clic the button to go to my website:

Matt interview
Cordoba's Games Festival 2023

This spectacular place, "La Merced" Palace, is the same every year for organizing this games festival.


"Jugamos Todos" is the association who organize it and many people meet there the following weekend of the Spiel Festival in Germany.


In one or two days, previous to Halloween, will be published in the Carcassonne Blog some photos and a summary of mine about the experience.


Pay attention to this button below. Now, it's not still available. But during this Saturday or Sunday, it will work perfectly.

Cordoba's Festival
Meeple Podcast, show n.162

In this episode of Meeple Podcast you will find a previous mini-interview with Kenya Bugarin, Devir's reporter. She usually goes with Joan, the cameraman.


They both are great people from 'Devir Iberia' (the Carcassonne publisher in Spain and Portugal).


After this starting, you will listen to the presentation of a book (image below): "Un mundo de juegos" ("A world of games"). Author: Oriol Comas i Coma, a man who has dedicated his life to boardgames.

Oriol Comas is one of the most brilliant studious man about boardgames around the world. Is the same one who founded the "Jugar x Jugar" Games Festival, in Granollers (Catalonia), where the first Carcassonne National Tournament took place in Spain, and he made the Carcassonne fans tile "La Porxada", which was signed by Klaus-J├╝rgen Wrede in that Festival.


He also was the founder and director of DAU (Barcelona's Games Festival) and left out in 2021.


Pay attention to Meeple Podcast. Join to the Telegram Channel or Spotify if you want to be notified when the episode will be available.

ETCOC 2023

A lot of work for Carcassonne.Cat members to run this event and not always they receive from everyone the same positive feedback.


We need to understand there's not possible to put the same efforts to offer a WTCOC system every 6 months to the Carcassonne Comunnity.


So, it's important to think the hours behind this: rules, design, website, communication to captains, etc.


The ETCOC competition will have 17 teams, 192 potencial players and it's a weekend event.


More information about that doing clic on the button below:

ETCOC 2023
C.S. League (4th edition)

Spanish players or people who live in Spain can participate on an online League organized by "Carcassonne Spain".


The final ranking is used to obtain a spot in the National Championship in person (Madrid, July) and the possibility to become a member of the Spanish National Team online.


Almost 5 rounds we have played yet on BGA and some of the potencial winners are in the bottom of the clasification table.


There are 3 levels: Elite, Blue League and Third level (Orange Group / Pink Group).


You can see the system doing clic on the button below:

CS League 2023/24
M.P.'s Expansions Tournament

This competition, about expansions and mini-expansions on BGA, is running with 90 participants and the 4th round finish next Saturday 28th October at midnight. In this moment, we are in the middle of this event, which is the first organized by Meeple Podcast.


The 3 better ranked players will obtain a trophy from this sound channel.


If you want to follow the tournament, clic the button below:

Go to the Tournament
M.P.'s Guests League

"Meeple Podcast's Guests League"


Youtubers, streamers (live show from Youtube or Twitch), bloggers, podcasters, webmasters, content creators (in general) and people who spread the game of Carcassonne.


Those will be the GUESTS for this first edition of this new competition.


As soon as possible, it will be published an episode on Meeple Podcast in which will be explained the details and the participants, who are yet closed.


This event will start on January 2024 and finish in November 2024.

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